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Texas Income Protection Plan for State Employees, ERS


Enroll in TIPP during your two-week Summer Enrollment phase.

Long-term Disability Overview

Coping with a long-term disability is hard; constant worry about paying the bills makes things worse. Long-term disability coverage provides a percentage of your paycheck to help pay the bills. This helps you focus more on getting better and less on how to make ends meet.

Below you’ll find an overview of TIPP long-term disability coverage. For a more in-depth look refer to the TIPP User’s Guide (1.6MB).

Long-term Disability Coverage
Who Active employees are eligible to apply for disability coverage. Family members and retirees are not eligible for this coverage.
What Long-term disability coverage allows you to receive a percentage of your paycheck if you are disabled and can’t work.
When You must complete a 180-day waiting period and at the same time use all your sick leave (including extended sick leave, donated sick leave and/or sick leave pool). If you have more than 180 days of sick leave, benefits are not payable until all of your sick leave is used. You are not required to use your vacation or other annual leave.
How Much

Once approved, your benefit is 60% of your insured monthly salary.* Here’s an example of how this works.**

Calculate your monthly TIPP payment example
Insured monthly salary

$ 3,200

% of salary provided

x 60%

Your TIPP monthly long-term disability payment

$ 1,920

Your monthly payments are less if you get benefit payments from other sources:

  • Social Security disability payments (applies to long-term disability only),
  • Workers’ Compensation,
  • Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) disability retirement benefits,
  • Teacher Retirement System (TRS) of Texas disability retirement benefits, or
  • other disability payments, including Short-term disability payments made by TIPP, if paid concurrently.

This is called an offset or integration of benefits. Learn more (1.6MB).

How Long

Until you are able to return to work or until you reach your Maximum Benefit Period (based on the age you become disabled) or based on the condition causing your disability.


Most participants pay for coverage on an after-tax basis through payroll deductions.

The premium for long-term disability coverage is 63 cents per $100 of your monthly salary.* Here’s how to calculate your monthly cost.**

Calculate your monthly TIPP cost example
Insured monthly salary


Divide by $100

÷ 100

Monthly salary ÷ $100


Cost per $100 of monthly salary

x .63

Monthly after-tax cost

$ 20.16

Some agencies cover a portion or all of the cost of coverage for participants. Contact your benefits coordinator if you have questions about your premiums.

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