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Texas Income Protection Plan for State Employees, ERS


Enroll in TIPP during your two-week Summer Enrollment phase.

Time to Get TIPP

Your opportunity to enroll in the Texas Income Protection Plan (TIPP) is right around the corner!
Enrollment for the Plan Year 2024 begins June 26th and ends July 28th, 2023. TIPP offers short-term and
long-term disability coverage that protects your income by paying a percentage of your paycheck if you
become disabled and can’t work because you are ill, injured, or pregnant.

Read the Summer Enrollment Fact Sheet and review the Summer Enrollment Presentation for an overview of TIPP. For
more details about the program, review the TIPP User’s Guide.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider disability coverage:

TIPP #1: Valuable Coverage. Disability benefits can help pay the bills and protect you and your family
from financial hardship when illness or injury prohibits you from working.

TIPP #2: Prepare for the Unexpected. Illness or accidental injury can strike anyone, at any time. Being
young and healthy doesn’t necessarily protect you from disability. In fact, more than one out of four
people currently in their twenties will become disabled before they retire1

TIPP #3: Affordable Peace of Mind. Disability coverage gives you peace of mind, knowing you’ll get
help paying the bills if you can’t work due to disability.

Apply for TIPP at Summer Enrollment:

1. Log in to your ERS account at
2. Select short-term and/or long-term disability coverage
3. Follow the prompts to initiate the evidence of insurability (EOI) process
4. You will receive instructions on how to submit your EOI application to Guardian Life Insurance Company
5. Complete and return the application
6. Your application must be approved by Guardian Life before coverage begins

Note: Acceptance is not guaranteed

1. Council for Disability Awareness, March 28, 2018

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